Michael Filipek

Michael Filipek, a former professional player, started teaching tennis when he was a sophomore in college.

“My passion for the game, love of teaching, vast knowledge and lifetime experience were the factors that led me into the profession,” Michael says.

He is head professional and director of junior programs at Sutton East Tennis Club in New York City, N.Y.

Michael previously was employed at Trumbull Racquet Club in Trumbull, Conn., and Middlebury Racquet Club in Middlebury, Conn.

“In the near future, I plan to secure a facility in the New York City area where I can run my own tennis club,” Michael says. “In the distant future, I plan to grow the game of tennis by energizing current players, and by introducing new players to the game.”

As a player himself, Michael was a nationally ranked junior, ages 11 to 18, and held a No. 1 sectional ranking in 1989 and 1991. He went on to serve as captain of the men’s tennis team at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., with wins over All-American competition. He also has satellite and ATP tournament experience in the United States and Europe.

Michael started teaching tennis in 1995 and entered the profession full time when he graduated from Indiana University in 1997. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a certification in business.

“What I enjoy most about the profession is rising to the challenge of satisfying each and every student’s tennis goals,” he says. “All students are different, from young children to competitive juniors, from beginner adults to tournament players. I enjoy feeding the passion of each and every player, and deepening their understanding of and love for the game.”

Michael believes that passing on his passion is his greatest accomplishment as a tennis pro.

His “additional passions” include music, travel, fitness and cartography.